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How to watch VR videos on Youtube?

YouTube and VR, are two allies who have given the best of their synergy to achieve an important goal: the standardization of virtual reality as an expression of entertainment and while the distance to that goal only gets shorter and shorter, YouTube constantly innovates with features that make your 360 experience look like something from another world.


To visualize VR videos on YouTube, you can easily access the corresponding section, or simply make a quick query in the search engine, typing the characters “VR” and the type of material you plan to see, great examples with surprising results are: horror VR videos, travel VR videos or an infallible way to entertain yourself, with videogames VR videos. These totally simple commands are your direct access to a world of unlimited possibilities, and that has the juicy addition that will continue to expand hundreds of times, making you to watch VR videos on YouTube almost a common action in your everyday life.

We have witnessed how the resolution of 4K in videos has taken fiction to be just a simple term, since it has brought anyone around the world closer to emotions and stories in movies, series or documentaries that we could only imagine before in our minds. When we take the power of high definition like 4K, and even its big brothers 8K and 12K and join it to all the dynamics of virtual reality, the result is remarkably impressive. And YT with the implementation of increasingly higher resolutions when uploading videos, only causes producers of VR videos to give free rein and compete to their imagination. Also, users who consume this type of entertainment, live experiences so authentically intense and compellingly real, that the VR headset, whether from Samsung, Google, Oculus or hundreds of other options, are a form of entertainment to which they give their approval and especially, their desire to see how the world of VR will evolve.


So we assure that YouTube is the platform with the largest variety of content in VR, with videos that multiply exponentially in number and of course in quality quotas, bringing the public to experiences that always have something new to offer and end up becoming a pleasure for the senses.
Place your VR headset, or watch the video simply from the screen of your mobile, with or without gyroscope, and YouTube will be your gateway to the most exciting emotions you have experienced.

How to download VR videos from YouTube?

On the web, there are a wide range of possibilities for download your favorite VR video from YouTube, and in our eagerness to be a website allied to your most pure and complete fun, we present you the following option that will not have any problem in satisfying all your needs. Some free examples were you only need to paste the URL in a field and give click to a button are Y2mate, aTube or SaveTheVideo.

There is also a free quantity of softwares that allow you to past bulk URL videos to then download them with the option to select the video quality of your preference to then start the download process.

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