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Fan of the speed? In a safe way you can drive EXTREMELY fast…

This category is very extensive, it involves all types of vehicles like cars, bikes, ships, submarines, motorbikes and much more. You can find a lot of VR content about this topic, related with real life videos, games, and more. Also there are lots of situations that you realize in these videos, like comparing cars invented years ago with the new and updated ones. This productions in VR enable the spectator to see the interior of the cars and their performances on the road or in an extreme situation like crashes and comparisons in all the technological advances that there have been over time.

Also, you can watch VR videos in 360 degrees, content about how to operate a specific vehicle, like aero-planes, boats, helicopters, paragliding that allows a safe training information before going to the real action, these helps to lower the number of accidents where people can get hurt. Most of the VR vehicles videos are meant to entertain people, letting them to enjoy with the machines of their preference, whether is on a race, exploring the deep sea with a submarine or flying a commercial plane from one city to another, you will be into a 3D and 360 degrees immersion of pure fun.