Nowadays some TV shows and series fans would love to be protagonists of these programs, and virtual reality technology gives them this opportunity, some producers are creating VR experiences to allow spectators enjoy their favorite shows or series in a more interactive way, this content enables people to make decisions during a program and interact with the whole set and cast. In other words, these VR videos or productions transport viewers into the scene they are watching.

Actually there are lots of channels that are producing virtual reality experiences to enjoy not only as a single player but also as multi parts involved, where for example, four people wearing headsets can control a space ship, communicating each other to accomplish the missions objectives and all these scenes are based on a specific TV show or series. To ensure a satisfactory VR experience, a good virtual reality kit is necessary; the devices have to be well chosen by the spectators, you can use Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, which are the recommended VR technology headsets, that provide and allows you to enjoy the quality of the videos in high and 4K definition.

VR TV Shows & Series videos

Crimson Peak and its spooky adventure in VR

Crimson Peak’s universe holds a plethora of secrets, each more creepy and bizarre than the previous one, the leap to the big screen of this story by the renowned director Guillermo del Toro is a sure bet for fans of horror and suspense cinema. Warn the most sinister mansion ever thought of and fight for ...

The Walking Dead terrorific experience now in VR 360° and 3D!

As you’ve probably already seen it, in the show The Walking Dead, terrifying zombies and their appetite for human flesh are the most usual thing. The zombies are an old acquaintance to all those fanatics of terror and suspense, and The Walking Dead has set the standard for several years as far as television series ...

There are also TV shows about tourism, expeditions, hikes, mountaineering, adventure for mentioning just a few, that have a VR or 360 degrees version, where the host can attract more viewers by making the experience attractive and fun in order to finish the objective of the program. They are available Online or on the virtual reality market, it is definitely something different that everybody should try.

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