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What’s your favorite sport? Take a look in VR

VR videos are a great way to relate with sports on a whole new level, there is a variety of audio-visual content about sports where you can find almost every sport included and related with the virtual reality technology. Most of the content about this topic comes as games, recorded or live matches, but there is another way to link to sports, that has to do with the commentators point of view. Some of the virtual reality videos, apps or 360° movies enable the spectator to experience what would be like to be a commentator into this environment, and not only that, you can also connect with others sports fans and enjoy watching a match together, which can attract more viewers.

VR: A different way to practice a sport, or at least to view it

There is also interactive content in 360° about sports where you can control the TV cameras during a game, in that way you can enjoy the game from every angle you want in order to have the best VR experience ever. To enhance your experience, remember to always use a new VR technology headset like Oculus Rift, this device comes with wireless controls for each hands and other accessories which allow you to play any VR sport you want.

Sports in videos and games are also used to train athletes, if they are not in the perfect shape to be in a practice, this is a great way to maintain sportsmen updated with the training sessions and their workout routine. VR sports videos have revolutionized the way people watch sports nowadays.