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Avoid at all costs the bullets that are in the air!

In the topic of virtual reality there are many options to enjoy the free available content dedicated to show the viewer 360 degrees and 3D videos in the experience of a shooter game. A shooter game is a videogame of the action genre where the main objective is to shoot and kill enemies, usually with firearms or snipers. Although there are many sub-genres, it is divided into two groups, depending on the perspective we have of our character: 1st person (or FPS) and 3rd person (or TPS).

According to this, the player can see in first person view or like with a camera that follows the character from the back from a certain distance and elevation (third person). It is also possible (although rare in the genre) to find games that have a fixed camera.

Realists and animated VR videos related with shooters

Watching VR videos of shooter games that use “realistic” elements, such as weapons that exist in reality, or the simulation of character damage, and which are often called tactical shooters is one entertainment activity to do. Those that allow more freedom regarding scenarios, objects, or the physics of the game are known as arcade shooters and you can perceive even more effects in the videos.

You can also have access to content in 360 and 3D about shooter games that use the multiplayer mode. This is the main feature (in recent times) that makes this type of games more popular. If the gameplay makes use of the internet, it can be classified into a series of divisions: 1- Team games are those in which each player is assigned to a team among several (2 or more) to achieve a goal. For this, the players participate in the same team but each one has their score. 2- Cooperative games have numerous players playing in company to achieve joint goals and points. In individual games all players compete against all.