To fully enjoy the world of virtual reality you must try using your the best headsets to watch VR science fiction videos. This is a genre whose contents are based on supposed scientific or technical advances that could be achieved in the future. This area makes the science fiction based in facts, that is the main difference from the fantasy genre where situations and characters are the result of imagination.

The genre of science fiction has also been known as literature of anticipation, given the mentioned characteristics. In fact, many authors in the topic have managed to anticipate the emergence of different inventions, such as submarines, spacecraft or even virtual reality technology can be incorporated.

VR Science Fiction videos

Star Wars 3D VR

Stars Wars has remained one of the great sagas of cinema since its premiere decades ago, the dark side has a multitude of followers around the world, who very surely will enjoy that it feels to be inside one of its most characteristic ships, the Imperial Star Destroyer and if that’s not enough, the 360° ...

Comic Con make it bigger in 3D VR

The Comic Con celebrated in San Diego, California, is the perfect scenario for the most creative and realistic cosplayers in the world, hundreds of enthusiasts of a dozen of series, tv, comics characters come together on this occasion and show the best of their creations, now through the lens of wonderful VR technology that will ...

Teleportaled: a comedy innovation

Teleportaled brings a fresh air to the comedy genre, displaying all the advantages of VR technology and its ability to explore environments from any angle like never before. This video tries to decipher how fantastic and at the same time surprising it would be to be able to travel anywhere in the world in just ...

Warcraft world like never before

Warcraft has an immense legion of fanatics around the world, having started as a videogame saga, it is now considered a classic without a doubt. His move to the cinema reaped very good reactions, however if you want to cross the skies on a Gryphon and discover the magnificence of this world, watch his video ...

Crimson Peak and its spooky adventure in VR

Crimson Peak’s universe holds a plethora of secrets, each more creepy and bizarre than the previous one, the leap to the big screen of this story by the renowned director Guillermo del Toro is a sure bet for fans of horror and suspense cinema. Warn the most sinister mansion ever thought of and fight for ...

Fallout 4 colossal world is maximized in VR

Fallout 4 is the bigger game in this well now saga, for all those fanatics who have made the wasteland their second home or are attracted by what it is to survive after the apocalypse. A world highly influenced by technology but struggling to stay alive, will undoubtedly be an experience that will not leave ...

There are those who distinguish between hard and soft science fiction according to the rigor with which scientific data are treated. Hard science fiction would be “the most scientific”, without too much space for the imagination. In contrast, soft science fiction includes some assumptions without a fully defined and tested theory or real basis.

Specifically and remaining the twentieth century, is interesting to highlight the emergence of a series of movements or trends within the genre that have become authentic references. So, in the first place, we find cyberpunk that was the movement that emerged in the decade of the 80s and that occurred as a result of the development and expansion of computers which brought with it that science fiction authors exploited the possibility of computers dominating humans. We also have other science fiction sub-genres, like steampunk, biopunk, retro-futurism, or post-cyberpunk, which appeared in the 1990s, and is much more optimistic in its vision of the future than classical cyberpunk.

With your virtual reality headsets you’ll be able to enjoy 360-degree science fiction videos and any other science fiction content in 360 and 3D.

Watch VR Science Fiction videos
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