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Optical illusions have the purpose to make feel the spectator certain sensations, like falling or relaxation, using a group of shapes like the ones in the kaleidoscope, this gives people a VR experience of being in a 360° degree immersion, because of the sensation of falling inside a tunnel of colors and shapes. Another kind of productions in VR about optical illusions give people an idea what a person feels under the effects of drugs or alcohol, it is important to know about these kinds of videos because parents can be aware of their children when using internet, they could feel curious about these type of sensations and that is why they should be supervised all the time when using the web.

Most of this VR content is about relaxing and playing with our brains perceptions of shapes, sizes, colors and movements in a different way than the traditional form because, for a moment, this optical illusions will happen around us; they can also be educational allowing us to learn about how easy is to trick our brain.  VR optical Illusions videos have enabled virtual reality technology to improve over time, and give us high resolution materials for us to enjoy and to learn from about our body.


VR Optical Illusions videos

Circus de Soleil VR: Take now seat and fully enjoy a 360 experience

Circus de Soleil VR: Take now seat and fully enjoy a 360 experience

Circus de soleil shows is the perfect stimulus for your sensations and emotions, having the best worldwide selection of artists, capable of performing acts that exceed any dream that you have ever had, from contortionists, acrobats, tightrope walkers and many other specialties. Whoever attends to the first row to the show Kurios Cabinet of Curiosities ...