Nature is a very interesting topic and VR nature videos can transform all the stress that cities have around into a relaxing and calming atmosphere, where you can feel in a unique way with a 360 degrees of immersion. Whether is a video about the sea or about landscapes, these productions will give you one of the best experiences ever.

Sometimes natural videos are used for therapeutic healing because of their soothing content, which usually makes the spectator feel emotional and this can help him/her to see the world with a different perspective and in a positive way. Virtual reality nature videos can transport you to any place in the planet earth -or even outside- that you want to visit but for some reason you can’t in real life. These productions in VR provide the experience that you are looking for and you want to see, for example: The Grand Canyon, The Niagara falls, The Angel falls, forests full of animals, and all these natural beauties are now near us thanks to virtual reality technology.

VR Nature videos

Survive to dinosaurs? Discover it now in 3D.

In the world inhabited by dinosaurs, this ancient creatures were easily irascible and often reckless in appearance, and the disputes over dominion of territory or the conquest of a female were frequent. The very violent nature of these creatures always increased confrontations, and one big example are the well-known T-Rex against an adversary of its ...

Hammerhead Shark in the ocean 3D and 360°, do you dare to swim with them?

The Hammerhead Shark is one of the shark species that most grabs the attention of fans of marine specimens or scientists all around the world. These creatures show a daring and imposing aspect, so being able to dive a few centimeters away from them will become a time when your palpitations will increase uncontrollably. Enjoy the ...

This kind of videos is one of the best way to get balance in the emotional, physiological and psychological areas allowing everyone to receive a well being condition. They can also help you educate and sensitize yourself about the environment, through another perspective, they allow you to have a better and more aware point of view of the environment and how to keep it clean and healthy.

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