Nature is a very interesting topic and VR nature videos can transform all the stress that cities have around into a relaxing and calming atmosphere, where you can feel in a unique way with a 360 degrees of immersion. Whether is a video about the sea or about landscapes, these productions will give you one of the best experiences ever.

Sometimes natural videos are used for therapeutic healing because of their soothing content, which usually makes the spectator feel emotional and this can help him/her to see the world with a different perspective and in a positive way. Virtual reality nature videos can transport you to any place in the planet earth -or even outside- that you want to visit but for some reason you can’t in real life. These productions in VR provide the experience that you are looking for and you want to see, for example: The Grand Canyon, The Niagara falls, The Angel falls, forests full of animals, and all these natural beauties are now near us thanks to virtual reality technology.

VR Nature videos

Grand Canyon in 360°

Grand Canyon in 360°

The Grand Canyon also known as the Grand Canyon of Colorado, is a trench formed by the Colorado River, it has a spectacular image and in order for you to enjoy all its glory, we bring to your this VR content, where you will have the opportunity to fly over the Grand Canyon national park ...

Free falling from space in 360

Free falling from space in 360

Have you ever wanted to see the earth from the space?, by watching this VR video you will be free falling from space and as you fall you will see different landscapes like the Milky Way and the earth, which make an spectacular journey through the stars, you will also notice that is a very ...

Find summer constellations in a 360° video

Find summer constellations in a 360° video

Some people would love to know how to see and read constellations; well we bring to you a 360° video that explains to you how to find summer constellations, as you will learn on this video constellations change according to the season, therefore, on this VR video only summer constellations will be shown. There are ...

Try VR to Submerge in a Glacier Cave

VR Glacier Cave

If you are looking for a relaxing experience, you have to try this VR glacier cave video, which will take you into a beautiful ice cave, specifically in the Mendenhall glacier caves, a magnificent body of dense ice. Inside the glacier, you will feel and hear everything around you, like the water falling from everywhere, all ...

Swim with Mantas using VR

Swim with Mantas using VR

Mantas are considered a threatened species; therefore, it is an excellent idea to connect people with them by using a 360° video. It is an experience that makes you deeply submerge and swim with these big and gentle creatures that do not represent any threat for us, but we are endangering them. Watch this VR video ...

Explore wild animals using VR technology

The following 360° video will make you feel like you are inside nature together with these wild animals, you will learn a little bit about them and their places of provenance, their ways of living, what do they eat, how they move and the big importance of wildlife animals. It doesn‘t matter if you don‘t ...

Playful Elephants Swim Discovery VR (360 video)

Playful Elephants Swim Discovery VR (360 video)

Elephants are consider very intelligent animals, therefore they find ways to relax, and one of them is to play on the water, on this VR video you will watch a family of elephants, taking a bath in a watering hole to release the hit from their bodies and be stress free from Africa´s high temperature. As ...

Most threaded animals 360° video

Wildlife around the world is asking for help in order to survive and we are the one who can do something about it, this VR content is made with the purpose to show people what are the most threatened species in the world and what specifically are their habitats, so we can help them by ...

Experience in this 360 video what it's like to work on a volcano

Experience in this 360 video what it’s like to work on a volcano

Would you like to work as a sulfur miner at an active volcano in Indonesia? This is the crater at the active Ijen volcano; plumes of smoke, sulfur gases and heat make the atmosphere nearly unbreathable. Nevertheless, some brave and highly strong men perform the job of carrying sulfur through the steep mountains that surround ...

Zion National Park a wonder in VR

Zion National Park is located in Utah, it is a protected place from civilization, because is consider a nature wonder, especially for its dark sky. The following 360° video shows how cities, towns or any other place where human been settle are taking the darkness of the sky, because there is so many energetic consume ...

This kind of videos is one of the best way to get balance in the emotional, physiological and psychological areas allowing everyone to receive a well being condition. They can also help you educate and sensitize yourself about the environment, through another perspective, they allow you to have a better and more aware point of view of the environment and how to keep it clean and healthy.

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