Virtual technology reality is involved in different categories, among them there are miscellaneous videos, you can find included in that area all those themes that don’t have a specific category like: birthday videos, shows, performances or commercials to provide some examples. These VR content will give the spectator a whole new way to enjoy the topic of his/her preference.

Having a good VR device can help you have an unforgettable and enjoyable experience. We recommend to the interested ones, Android smartphones with gyroscope and compass sensors, Gear VR Samsung, Oculus Rift from Samsung and HTC Vive. Most of the VR devices come with their own official app store similar from where you can download games and app, because -in case we don’t have one a video player- we can download one. Remember that VR technology not only involves Online videos, contents can also come as games or apps, which also are about miscellaneous, like cooking, dressing, and different kind of topics according to what you are looking for.

Watch Miscellaneous videos

Fireworks are amazing to you? Check it now in 360°

The pyrotechnics was always characterized by offering incredible shows to all those present, be it at a fair, a sporting event, a concert, or one of the most awaited and celebrated appointments every year, the New Year’s Eve . This clasic art dates back to ancient China, but it still gathers many people to turn ...

The universe show its secrets in VR 3D

The universe, commonly related to the infinite by its seemingly limitless number of planets, stars, galaxies, asteroids but mainly by the amount of secrets that still keeps and the man yearns to discover, in order to approach to understand how it is their behavior but especially in what ways humanity can benefit, and what things ...

Survive to dinosaurs? Discover it now in 3D.

In the world inhabited by dinosaurs, this ancient creatures were easily irascible and often reckless in appearance, and the disputes over dominion of territory or the conquest of a female were frequent. The very violent nature of these creatures always increased confrontations, and one big example are the well-known T-Rex against an adversary of its ...

Watch VR miscellaneous videos if you want to experience your favorite band´s concert in case you find impossible to be there physically, for sure VR videos will make you feel like you are really there and make these experiences equally remembered, or if you want to enjoy a class about something you are interested in, without missing any detail, or a documentary, almost everything you want to watch in VR is available online or in the VR market. Definitely VR videos and 360 degrees videos are the new way to learn and entertain yourself.

Watch VR miscellaneous videos
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