This category of VR videos has a long list of different kinds of productions for children to enjoy and learn at the same time. There are contents about stories which can make them experiment the usual story-telling differently, making it more meaningful for them. In order to have a great and enjoyable time, children should use a functional pair of virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, or other Android devices. You don’t need a powerful PC to use them, but there is a list of computers that come with integrated VR programs.

There are also other kinds of videos that can be watched with or without VR headsets, depending on how they are produced, like 360 movies. On the web or in the Online virtual reality market you can find a lot of content in 360 with high definition for children, like roller coaster rides or biking rides that allows them to feel that they are living the experience in real life, and makes these videos very attractive and fun.

VR Kids videos

360° Roller Coaster Simulator

360° Roller Coaster Simulator

Roller coasters are very popular and exciting rides, and few people can resist to this kind of mechanical games, although, there are a lot of this rides across the United States, VR technology could not stay behind, that is why we want to show you this roller coaster design game, where VR will make you ...

Gravity Falls’ Shop in 360°

Gravity Falls’ Shop in 360°

Gravity Falls is an animated series created for Disney Channel and Disney XD, Gravity Falls episodes are based on the life of the twin brother and sister called Dipper and Mabel Pines who always spend their summer vacation in Gravity Falls at their Uncle’s solving paranormal events. An important part of Gravity Falls is Uncle’s ...

Disneyland tour in 360

Disneyland tour in 360°

As you know Disneyland is one of the most popular places for people to go and enjoy all the magic and the feeling of living closer all their favorite movies and interacting with their favorite Disney characters. On this VR video we will take you through Disneyland Park Theme in Anaheim, California, where you will ...

Find summer constellations in a 360° video

Find summer constellations in a 360° video

Some people would love to know how to see and read constellations; well we bring to you a 360° video that explains to you how to find summer constellations, as you will learn on this video constellations change according to the season, therefore, on this VR video only summer constellations will be shown. There are ...

Back to the moon in 360

Back to the moon in 360 and VR

Back to the moon is a 360 interactive story by Google Doodle Spotlight Stories, and it is about doing everything for the person you love, the name going to the moon 360 VR means that after going through so many obstacles, you and that special someone can finally go and love freely to some special ...

Inside North Korea VR 360Video

Inside North Korea VR 360 Video

Join Bob Woodruff, from ABC News, on a peculiar 360° journey inside Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea. This VR video portrays the crew‘s restricted pre-approved tour, always with the company of government escorts. You will experience the accommodations, the nationalistic propaganda and some of the most popular tourist spots in Pyongyang, such as ...

Live the gravity in a 360° view

Gravity in a 360° view

Gravity is one of the biggest force we have on earth, is the one that helps objects and living things stay on the ground. A lot of people wonder, what the world would be like if there was not gravity physics at all? “The Pull” is a VR video, showing 5 scenarios with different objects on ...

Enter to the Howgarts Castle in 360

Harry Potter School Hogwarts Castle in 360

Lego and Harry Potter is a winning combination, watching your most favorite characters, like Harry, Ron, Hermione turned into pieces of Lego is completely amazing. But the center of attention of this video VR is that you can explore every tiny corner of the Howgarts Castle, making use of a 360 degree view that will ...

Big Buck Bunny a 3D animated short film that is worth seeing

Big Buck Bunny is a 3D animated short film that explores a vital issue, the bullying and how to counteract it in a way that does not generate more violence and so conflicts can cease. From the unique perspective that virtual reality provides, we will see protagonists such as squirrels, butterflies, rabbits and more resolve ...

Do a Solar System 360 degree tour!

The Solar System is really fascinating for the number of mysteries that still remain hidden, to know how is the dynamics between different planets, stars, galaxies and even as asteroids, satellites and interplanetary orpuscles have a direct relationship with many phenomena that we experience here in the earth. In this The Solar System VR experience, you ...

The virtual reality world have also expanded to the 3D videos were you can say that when you are watching a 3D movie, you feel like you are inside the film, perceiving images and protagonists more near than ever, this a VR experience. You could say that the videos in VR for children is one of the biggest topics in this matter, because there is a lot of material from where you can choose from, cartoons, movies, storytelling, animals, to both educate and entertain, with not only high definition but also 4k definition.

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