One of the many advantages of having a virtual reality headset device, like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive or other ones that use a Smartphone Android as graphic processor is that you can use it to watch the best VR gameplay videos Online in a high quality definition. The term “gameplay” in videos or game trailers it is used to identify those where the game itself is observed, in full interaction of the player, as opposed to those who only show cinematic scenes. The term is also used to identify those videos where a game recorded by a player is played. This videos may have a commentator who has recorded his games to show them to you so you can pass a stage, or explain tricks like a secret that you did not find, among many other things.

As videogames last a long time, most of the gameplays videos are divided into chapters, so that it’s not boring to see it complete, and thus you can easily find the part that you are interested in. That’s why videos usually have the word “series” in front of the name of the video game, to warn you that this video game will consist of several parts.

VR Gameplay videos

Warcraft world like never before

Warcraft has an immense legion of fanatics around the world, having started as a videogame saga, it is now considered a classic without a doubt. His move to the cinema reaped very good reactions, however if you want to cross the skies on a Gryphon and discover the magnificence of this world, watch his video ...

Fallout 4 colossal world is maximized in VR

Fallout 4 is the bigger game in this well now saga, for all those fanatics who have made the wasteland their second home or are attracted by what it is to survive after the apocalypse. A world highly influenced by technology but struggling to stay alive, will undoubtedly be an experience that will not leave ...

Watching them can be useful not only because you have the game and want to know how to spend some phases, but if you are thinking of buying the game and want to take a look at what you can find. For this and many other reasons this kind of VR videos have become very popular in recent years. They are also useful for video games aimed at children so they can enjoy playing and learn how to superate hard levels when they get blocked.

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