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Funny videos have always been a great way to entertain people, virtual Reality also has been a big part of this category, nowadays there a lots of videos for the people to enjoy combining these two areas. A lot of YouTubers have made cartoons, prank videos and comedy series into productions in VR where people using their VR device or headsets can feel like they are inside 360 degrees videos.

For an ultimate VR experience we recommend you get a good pair of goggles, they can be Android ones supported by Smartphones or you can choose the HTC Vive –these headsets were made by HTC and Valve, with a high developed technology-, Gear VR from Samsung or Oculus Rift.

What subtopics can you find here?

There are funny virtual reality videos for all ages, like cartoon videos which are really fun for kids because they can made them interact better with their favorite characters and give them a unique relationship. Another sub-area consists in VR comedy sketches that people can watch and have a good time. The third sub-category includes funny video games, there are a lot of VR video games that are meant to be for laughs and comedy purposes, some of them are: Job simulator, Headmaster, Rick and Morty. All of these, and much more, provide an entertaining and great experience for everybody

Watching VR videos can make you see things in a different way and the funnier videos are a great way to have fun with the family and friends, where everybody can interact and have the best time ever, taking them out of their daily routine.