Animal behavior can be better understood through virtual reality (VR), having a great a extremely unique experience can make us more sensitive to what animals really mean to this world and what is exactly the reason of their existence. In order to have the right atmosphere for this activity, we have to take into account all the elements we need, the most important VR device you need is a good pair of headsets, a pair of goggles that cover your eyes, this device will allow you to enjoy 360 degrees videos and have a one of a kind experience.

Not only virtual reality technology can help humans understand animals, but also, allows scientist to study them by entering flies, fish and mice into virtual reality and see how they react to certain social situations, which can help to know how their brain works and to prove if they really have intelligence and not only instinct.

VR Animals videos

Sure hyenas can be friendly? Check it out on 360

It is not common to associate hyenas with friendly and much less empathy with humans, only a few people on the planet have developed ties of brotherhood with these wild creatures of the African savannah, and the naturalist Kevin Richardson is a one big reference. GoPro is now demonstrating its best innovations with the GoPro ...

Survive to dinosaurs? Discover it now in 3D.

In the world inhabited by dinosaurs, this ancient creatures were easily irascible and often reckless in appearance, and the disputes over dominion of territory or the conquest of a female were frequent. The very violent nature of these creatures always increased confrontations, and one big example are the well-known T-Rex against an adversary of its ...

Hammerhead Shark in the ocean 3D and 360°, do you dare to swim with them?

The Hammerhead Shark is one of the shark species that most grabs the attention of fans of marine specimens or scientists all around the world. These creatures show a daring and imposing aspect, so being able to dive a few centimeters away from them will become a time when your palpitations will increase uncontrollably. Enjoy the ...

Nowadays there a lot of VR animals videos in the Online market and they are great for educational purposes or just to satisfy an animal fan, they can help you make your class more interactive in a less traditional way and the students will be able to have a real meaningful learning that they will never forget, there are also many web pages that you can use for free, not only about an specific animal but also other themes like food chain, or an specific group of animals like wild animals or farm animals.

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