The gyroscope is an almost essential element among the components of the smartphone and various electronic devices that we regularly use today. And videos, video games, movies and any content in VR format are favored by this piece of hardware, which in a broad sense, allow that your device can be correctly located in a close or open space and be able to produce a reliable response of realism, immersion and above all, precision. But now, let’s go deeper.

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How important is the gyroscope in mobiles?

There are many occasions, and particularly when it comes to technology, that we make use of devices that keep inside a whole feat of technology and we haven’t noticed it. Essentially, a gyroscope is designed to be components that sense angular velocity, and if we relate it closely with the 360 technology, it represents the role of positioning your device within the space and having an appropriate and effective response. The gyroscope sensor simply sense your gear’s rotation about x, y and z axis.

The first device to incorporate this piece of hardware, dates back to 2010, when Apple introduced a mobile phone with the launch of their 4th generation iPhone, since then many companies implemented this element with the passing of the years, and now they are an innate part of the company launches like Samsung, Huawei, Sony, LG and the list does not seem to grow.

How does the gyroscope sensor work?

The previous step before delving into this topic, is to mention a second component that works side by side with the gyroscope, we refer to the accelerometer. This component is responsible for all tasks related to basically the linear movement, but at also responsible for functions such as the following:

• Detecting the orientation of the phone.
• Measure the linear acceleration of moment.

On the other hand, the operation of the gyroscope is based on counting within its composition with some form of oscillating component from where the acceleration, and hence direction change, this can be detected. As per the conservation of motion law, a vibrating object likes to continue vibrating in the same plane, and any vibrational deviation can be used to derive a change in the correct direction.

The gyroscope in smartphones dates from 2010

This piece also deals with all tasks related to angular movement, through:

• Detect the position of the device and alignment in a a space
• Add an additional dimension, recording the rotation

In brief, a gyroscope is a device for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principles of conservation of angular momentum.

VR without gyroscope

In first place, the previous subtitle also introduces the question about whether there is such a thing as a virtual gyroscope? And the answer is affirmative and hopeful for all those users who still have a device of recent generation but with lack of the gyroscope, a great example, the Motorola G 1 gen. So VR videos without gyroscope will never be a stumbling block

The virtual reality is based on providing a sense of authentic immersion to the user who is viewing the content, whether it is a video or a movie, using a VR headset standalone, such as the Oculus GO or a VR headset in combination with a mobile, citing the Google Cardboard as an example. But in the middle of this, the hardware plays a fundamental role, and so you can enjoy an effective response while watching your favorite short film in VR, enjoy a realistic 360 experience of your favorite movie or much more, it all comes down to gyroscope. That for the joy of many, can be emulated with great success through software created especially for this purpose.

There is a wide range of options, but if you are looking for an app that meets your expectations and is frequently nurtured with new updates, the immediate recommendation is VR Player FREE in the Play Store.

VR Player FREE, your choice against the lack of gyroscope

This software is a media player app that will recreate in great detail the complete splendor of the 360 ​​content that you are seeing. Besides that, it allows the high definition VR video playback, making possible the immersive media experiences, and even 360°live streams. All a plus for your hours of fun, which now really put you in the center of the action.

To proceed with its use, you will only have to install it on your device and follow a simple and intuitive installation.

Headset Oculus Go


Where to watch VR videos without gyroscope?

On the internet, there is a number that seems unlimited of entertainment options, but when you fully know the world of virtual reality and the faculties of which are capable VR headset, the range of options grows considerably and your fun will be equally maximized. A fundamental example of this, we have it on the YouTube video platform, where without the slightest problem, you can admire at its best the content of your preference, and not stop analyzing one by one of its details, driven by the recreation so accurate and precise of the reality that VR achieves.

On our website, we have analyzed hundreds of hours of videos, of 360-degree productions, to provide you with the most spectacular material available on the internet daily, take a step into the action and review the categories, where you will notice how they awaken in you the most exciting sensations in horror or action videos, exciting in sports videos or cars, or relaxing in videos around the world. In short, VR videos without gyroscope, will not be an impediment between you and the most exciting fun.

VR games without controller

Surely on some occasion you have thought how to enjoy in all its magnitude of a VR game, although you have an excellent performance on your device, but do not count at this time with a controller, now you will know that there is a large number of alternatives to be a satisfied player within the world of VR. Jumping into virtual reality and live exciting new experience in VR, with:

Insidious VR: Have the guts to face an adventure of real fear.
VR Pac-mac: Enjoy a 360 perspective of this video game classic.

The VR’s world looks forward to your arrival.

We encourage you to join an activity that has as its primary objective hours and hours of fun, in addition to serving to expand your knowledge, meet new people with common interests and explore unknown territories, all this you will achieve with the VR. Now as never before, the reality and fiction gap has become almost imperceptible.