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VR videos: The best of 2018

VR videos have been a must in the last 5 years in terms of fun and entertainment is concerned, month by month, real high quality works are produced on the Internet, whose banner is to achieve the most realistic and immersive sensations in their viewers, and impact them in ways that startle their senses and only want to repeat the experience over and over again.

We have seen how the 360 ​​cameras have proliferated in the market, with companies such as GoPro, Samsung and many creating devices that have made the VR segment a high successful market. The year 2018, despite the fact that it is still going on, it has left high performance productions, with videos that question the limits of reality and that will awaken in you the most vibrant reactions. Let’s begin right now:

What Happens Inside Your Body? – VR 360°  (6,912,407 views)

The interior of your body is much more than just a collection of organs, muscles, arteries, veins and blood. All in all, it works like a perfectly balanced machine, but it requires such high precision and attention to detail that traveling to the functioning of your body is an experience that will steal all your attention. Make learning how your body works more real than ever, thanks to this VR video.

JAPAN – Where tradition meets the future (5,704,337 views)

Japan has always had technological development as a bastion, so it was not unlikely that one of the most watched VR videos, belongs to the rising sun country. Through 3 minutes of production loaded with a very high technical quality, we will give a tour through the Japan more authentic, from crowded cities full of technological innovations, to the tranquility and anachronism of its ancient peoples. Your VR headset will be your access to an incredibly immersive world.

IT: FLOAT – A Cinematic VR Experience (3,767,656 views)

When it comes to VR horror videos, the universe of IT, created by the visionary of the books of terror and suspense, Stephen King, is the ideal scenario to recreate the most anguishing, horrifying atmospheres and macabre stories ever seen before. The most recent movie of the saga, has put the attention of the audience in a film with several memorable scenes, with the fear and terror as main characteristic If you feel enough courage, dare to fight for your life, at the same time that Pennywisse will try for all means to achieve your macabre death and make you “float”

GTA V – 360° VR Video (1,416,434 views)

GTA V is the latest installment in Rockstar’s action video game series, and its recognition only speaks for the fact that we are looking another great super-seller. Whether it’s the PC, or the desktop consoles that make up your ideal gamer platform, only now can you truly be part of the tumultuous city of Los Angeles, and be at the forefront of the adventures of Trevor, Michael and Franklin. Shootouts and excesses will have a new meaning in this GTA V VR video.

360 Slenderman | VR Horror Experience (812,747 views)

Slenderman and creepypastas are two closely related terms, and the internet was really what enhanced the popularity of these horror stories, with overflowing intrigue and fear. This ghoulish character will not hesitate for a moment to bloodily end your life. Slenderman, look long as a big tree and have a sinister presence as the worst one that you have ever felt, and will try to put end at your existence in the most sadist way, in this VR Horror Experience. Try to survives one of the most desperate and scary productions to date.

360° Video, Manhattan, New York, USA, 4K aerial video (738,991 views)

Manhattan view’s are in a ONE word, impressive, and not for nothing The Big Apple has been the scene of countless films and books. This city, capital of finance, entertainment, fashion, art and more, shows you an angle never seen before, with a 360 degree video. Take right now a Manhattan through Central Park, Fifth Avenue, The Madison Square Garden and much more. And know from your VR headset the city that never sleeps.

the Blu: Whale Encounter | 3D 360 VR (630,846 views)

A whale encounter will definitely not leave you indifferent, the world’s largest mammal is undoubtedly the king of the ocean. Only through the 360, you will now witness the immensity of the sea, and the almost infinite marine species that inhabit it, thanks to this animation completely made in virtual reality, where fiction is left completely aside, and you will live an experience with adrenaline and adventure as the main characteristics.

Waymo 360 ° Experience: A Fully Self-Driving Journey (599,733 views)

Waymo, is the most important company within the autonomous car industry, and it is not surprising that Google is behind, promoting the development of car automation to the fullest. Live the experience of driving through the city, with the impressive addition of a car with the ability to self-drive and make decisions on your own in order to facilitate all aspects of your life. Get ready for the cars of the future from this moment with an exclusive 360° view.

 Machu Picchu in 360 (8K) (272,705 views)

Visiting Machu Picchu, Peru, will put you in a front-row trip to yesteryear and magical territory, where the ancient Inca civilization laid the foundations of their impressive culture, and the revolutionary advances that they have made are still visible and worth marveling at their complexity. Explore every corner of Lost Inca City and experience an adventure worthy of an intrepid explorer with passion for the danger, and discover a whole set of rules and traditions dating back thousands of years.

Living on Ice | Antarctica 360 VR Video | Discovery TRVLR (104,173 views)

Antarctica is not a place for weak stomachs or brittle minds, but it certainly offers landscape worthy of a memorable place, and the VR has been able to create an experience that will be a short time away from freezing your bones, but with which your more intrepid side will enjoy itself to the full. Travel to Antarctica in this exact moment from your favorite virtual reality lenses and be passionate about all their particularities.

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