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How to watch VR videos on iPhone?

In our continuous quest to bring you the best that virtual reality has created until the actual date, if you are an iPhone owner we encourage you to read the following lines.


In addition to the video platforms you’ve surely known for years, such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook –which have a huge variety of 360-degree content and are great exponents of the overwhelming potential of the virtual reality technology-  we also want to present applications focused on giving you high satisfaction when viewing VR content. Among the most outstanding you can find:

Jaunt VR: Producer specialized in virtual reality that brings the best in music, sports, travel and film. This will become the ideal place for you to enjoy the virtual world.

NYT VR: the application created by the New York Times, whose main purpose is to bring you the most select content in virtual reality, with its distinctive quality.

VRSE: a virtual reality app designed for all film lovers. Where you’ll find everything from Indian productions to films made by professionals. The animated content is also present, with great quality ratings.

How to watch VR videos on YouTube iPhone?

Since the iOS version 11.18, released on May 16, 2016, iPhone owners can watch YouTube in virtual reality mode on the device of their choice, which has built-in Cardboard support. Even outside of the iPhone family, you’ll also find that developed by Apple- the iPod touch and iPad are compatible because of the iOS.

iPhone owners: Enjoy immersive videos in virtual reality on YouTube

The steps are truly hassle-free: play the video of your preference, tap on the video to reveal new icons and then hit the three vertical dots in the upper right corner to see additional options.

Next, tap the Cardboard icon to reproduce the video in VR format, including standard YouTube videos that weren’t originally recorded in 360 degrees.

Which VR headset are compatible with iPhones?

Apart from the Google Cardboard, according to your model the options may vary, but the experience provided by each of the following virtual reality headset is remarkable. The following alternatives are available on the market: VR Box, Merge VR Goggles, Carl Zeiss VR One Plus, and the BlitzWolf BR-VR3 that supports up to the iPhone X. The only requirement for lots of different VR headsets is the size of the screen, if it fits -according to the compatibility and support information- you can enjoy and use your iPhone as the graphic engine processor.

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