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How are VR videos made?

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First of all, virtual reality is by far more than a technology designed to take you to just fictional places or directly drawn from a story with unreal features. It can even give you a whole new perspective on a place you’ve already visited dozens of times. For this reason, VR is a means to maximize your experience of reality and also to enchant your senses by giving you control over the most unlikely stories.

The 360 contents, from 360 photos, virtual tours, virtual reality games, videos, to 360 movies, mostly use a complex hardware/software combination to achieve the multiplicity of experiences that that will dazzle your eyes and all your feelings.

How to record VR video? Is simpler than what its commonly thought.

Essentially the VR videos are captured using special rigs mounted by 360 degree viewing multiple cams, and we have seen how GoPro formulated many of the initial rules of the game, but the development of this technology has been many more companies who have innovated with their concepts and products like Samsung with his camera, the Gear 360. Once filmed, the video captured is specially rendered, using professional software dedicated to aligning the different motions recorded, to then produce a 360-degrees video. In a rough way, a virtual reality video results from the union of different videos filmed at multiple angles, in a single clip that shows them all unified and in perfect harmony and cohesion.


Wanna make a 360-degree video? Then read all the material we have brought for you and immerse yourself in the VR world. The 360° videos have been developed so that the viewers are the real protagonists, and in that wat, they can experience the content and interact with it, far from just watching it.

The Equipment

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of 3D printing, and that’s because the rigs created to hold the various cameras during filming can even use 3D printed structures, and certainly in a spherical shape. Going deeper into the use of cameras, one by one they must be mounted at a certain and specific angle, and this means no random positions as the camera’s field of view or recording area will overlap portions of the surrounding cameras’ perspective


Camera Location

A truly engaging storytelling is able to immerse the audience in the scene depends on the positioning of the cameras. They must be inexorably placed in or around the center of the activity. In either case, the exact position of the rig is going to be fundamental, remember that nowadays it is possible to execute almost unlimited number of ideas.

There are various ways to hold the camera rig. It all depends on the needs of the shot. A tripod or monopod are usually the most common ones, but you can hang it, hold it, drone it, and the list goes on.

What is a VR video?

A VR  (virtual reality) video can easily refer to a multidimensional experience through the use of some type of hardware, with the options of mobile phones or a VR headset as reference. If you add a good pair of headphones and a motion sensor to the equation, it will derive that the VR (virtual reality) devices allow you to look and walk around a virtual space as you would really be there.

And we can not fail to mention that VR videos can also only be created with only software, for example with options such as the Unity game development engine or the Wondershare Filmora video editing assistant. You can use the computing power of your PC to bring to life a creation that is so incredibly exciting that it has nothing to envy a video with real people.

Where to watch VR videos?

There are many virtual reality videos recorded in 360 degrees that you can find on Facebook and YouTube, that have been shot by professional photographers, filmmaker or enthusiastic users.

The range of alternatives for videos in virtual reality is frankly colossal, and there is no sign that this furor will soon be diminished. At this very moment there are dozens of VR apps, films and short or long movies in VR, and a hundred more virtual reality contents are in production. 360° videos have endless possibilities. just imagine the places and experiences you can go and have without leaving your house or any other place.

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