Science and technology seems to perfectly be related with the concept of virtual reality, they have been who  represented a whole revolution in terms of advances in general, like the resolution capacity of the screens, precision of motion sensors, independent devices with very high power of computation for mentioning a few. But the VR science and technology documentaries go a step further and take you on a completely sensory journey were all your reactions and emotions are involved. The best thing is that after watching documentaries in boring science topic, you will never return to have that opinion, when you explore all its intricacies in an exciting and completely unforgettable way.

Different virtual reality headsets and softwares will became powerful allies in your adventure within the world seen in a 360 degree perspective providing access to tons of fun related to VR documentaries. It could not be a simpler and faster process than we have created especially for all our visitors .

The human body in VR

The human body in VR

Few of us really understand how cells inside our body works, the good news is that virtual reality technology can offer us the opportunity to know exactly how red blood cells work in order to take oxygen around all our organs, as well as, preventing deathly virus and diseases. The VR video intents for the ...

The Miracle of Life in 360°

The Miracle of Life in 360°

The fertilization process is something people know on a very superficial level, but there is so much more than just knowing that the sperm reaches an ovule and fertilizes it, in order to begin the fetus’ formation process. On this VR video you will be witness of the fertilization process with deep detail, including a ...

Brain Development process through VR

Brain Development process through VR and 360°

This is a very interesting brain developing VR video, it is very important to acknowledge how the human brain works from the first years of our life, which can help us as parents, teachers, relatives, etc, to help children around us to learn better and faster by taking advantage of all this brain research. By ...

Live the gravity in a 360° view

Gravity in a 360° view

Gravity is one of the biggest force we have on earth, is the one that helps objects and living things stay on the ground. A lot of people wonder, what the world would be like if there was not gravity physics at all? “The Pull” is a VR video, showing 5 scenarios with different objects on ...

Travel the sun surface in a VR video

Have you ever wonder what would be like to visit the sun?, We all know that the sun is the biggest electromagnetic radiation source in the whole planetary system and for that matter is not possible for us to physically be there, therefore, this 360° video will make you feel like entering in the sun’s ...

Zika’s cycle of life through a VR experience

Zika’s cycle of life through a VR experience

This VR video takes you to a journey inside the human body to explain to you what Zika virus is and how it comes to life, taking into account what it needs to budding, it also gives a closer in deeper look of what exactly is its structure. Zika virus was discovered in 1947 for the ...

Place yourself in the vision of the animals as only the VR can achieve

Have you ever wondered how different the eyesight of animals is from yours? What better way to discover it than through the incredible possibilities that the VR has. Discover what is the visual capacity your most beloved pets really have, from the scant vision of cats that compensate with a sensational smell or even the ...

Do a Solar System 360 degree tour!

The Solar System is really fascinating for the number of mysteries that still remain hidden, to know how is the dynamics between different planets, stars, galaxies and even as asteroids, satellites and interplanetary orpuscles have a direct relationship with many phenomena that we experience here in the earth. In this The Solar System VR experience, you ...

The technology constantly evolving, but its frenetic rhythm takes place to represent a ballast, what it symbolizes is more and better advances in all types of aspects, it begins right now with a VR technology movie so you can witnessed in person how the most amazing inventions of which man has been able to develop.

With VR they are as twice as exciting, thanks to the immersive capacities. From now on discover why the VR audio and visual documentaries, are the next big leap in entertainment and belong to the best creation.

Enjoy free documentaries, and make your experience grow like never before, VR science and technology contents will become a benchmark for you when it comes to accessing fun modes that always have that unique feature to innovate day a day and at all times offer new and stimulating experiences.

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