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VR science fiction movies may well be considered as your direct ticket to unexplored worlds or universes, where each step is an invitation to danger and to face a range of hitherto unknown possibilities. Fiction and reality have less differences than what we think and in reality both posses more similarities, that’s where the fantastic points are in favor of the VR, as its ability to build worlds entirely from zero and transport you there in a realistic way, or its virtue to draw new real scenarios that you think you know as well as your hand.

The mystery can come in many forms, from some unusual creature that only raises doubts about it’s origin, to the classic fights between elves, goblins and dragons. The science fiction is a scenario where your imagination can reach its last corners and give life to the most unlikely ideas, also we have seen first-hand how science fiction films have been strongly influenced by all kinds of stories, but in particular by literature. Now, a new leap takes place in the film scene, with the entry of the VR movies in 360 and 3D, a complete new mode of fun, which takes you away from just seeing a sequence on the screen, and really brings you closer to everything that happens in the film, and that same capacity of immersion becomes an integrated and exciting experience of fun.

Why watching this genre in VR its so entertained?

A VR experience must successfully group several elements, such as a story intriguing enough to capture the users attention and enough elements on the scene that invite him to explore every last corner of the films sequences. In our continuous search for quality, all the material we offer you, or VR content has been specially selected to fulfill all your requirements in the most complete way. The title of best virtual reality movies is a very coveted award, but unlike other industries, the VR market only promotes a healthy competition that ends up providing better and better pieces either by professional studios or by enthusiasts.

Through the VR films, you can star in the role of hero or heroine in that world that seems straight out of a fairy tale, but so masterfully crafted that you can feel yourself inside it, and as once within its multiplicity of personalities. The 360 mystery movies, will soon become essential for you to enjoy your leisure afternoons, or even have a marathon of VR 3D movies and your only reaction about it, be more eager to continue delighting with everything the VR is capable of making you live. These are just a few clicks away to venture into sensations that you will love, through stories that will continually have something new and magnetic to offer you.