Fear, horror and terror are our natural reactions to situations where stress, uncertainty and danger are the protagonists, all these elements are really magnified when we experience it through a movie, but being a witness in the first row of a VR horror movie it is something that marks a point and apart to any other experience that you have had of this type, because of a simple reason, the sensation of immersion that will dominate your senses will make your brain believe its actually happening.

Take your virtual reality glasses or simply your VR device where you will access VR movies in 360 and 3D, films and other audio-visual content, and prepare to live the tension in your own flesh, where you will have to deal with dark landscapes where everything seems to threaten your life, terrifying characters with thirst for your blood, disturbing creatures All this, boosted to very high levels and hand in hand with your preferred technology, virtual reality.

VR Horror, fear & zombies movies list:

Degrees Of Hell: Will take you to face your deepest fears in 360

Degrees Of Hell, part of an argument that will ensure minutes of deep tension, in addition to an anguish so incessant throughout the video, that you will feel your breathing interspersed. This creation in VR, has as a guest star Amanda Wyss from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street. But even Freddy Krueger himself can not ...

The Chosen: The correct bet for horror movies in 360

The Chosen, differs from all the other horror movies in VR, by recreating with a millimeter degree of detail, all your most acute fears, a ghost that will try everything to hunt you, noises that come from another world, and such a stressed panic in every attempt to open a door and not know what ...

Escape the Living Dead was never as real as in VR

Zombies are an almost an indispensable element as we think in horror movies, and is that these characters known to be devourers of human flesh, a weak agility, but with an appetite that never stops a moment to grow, have been repeatedly the thread plot of movies, series, or even literature. The next production made ...

House on Haunted Hill become more frightened in VR

House on Haunted Hill is a 1959 American horror film directed by William Castle, who without a shadow of a doubt has earned a place in cult films over the years. At the other extreme, we have a story with huge levels of fear and horror, which introduces the plot where an eccentric millionaire pays ...

Insidious: The Last Key: When the terror goes real in 360

Insidious: The Last Key is a supernatural American horror film, whose recent release this year, has awakened a large number of impressions, most of them positive. If you are interested in crossing the border of your resistance to panic, fear and anguish, this movie horror will surely win your approval. The parapsychologist Elise Rainier, is back ...

Beyond the Night: Maximize the terror in it’s 360° experience

Beyond the Night, is the title name that brings to you an absolutely exclusive material, a complete movie filmed from start to finish in 360, which allows a feeling of immersion and interaction with each event that happens, that you will feel the fear and terror seize little by little from your sanity, dose of ...

“Hide and Seek” VR: Protect yourself from death in a 360 format

“Hide and Seek” is the name of a short film where the feeling of danger you will experience will be really taken to the maximum, and is that surviving the murderous tendencies of a lunatic with an ax, without a doubt will make you feel so terribly helpless and prisoner of panic and fear, that ...

Bloody Mary legend VR intends to hunt you down in 360

Bloody Mary legend, has aroused the purest terror in the minds of people for decades, and has left without sleep of anxiety and panic dozens more, be history, whose records indicate that it was a witch, in ancient times , which was unjustly condemned and murdered, originating this folklore legend known for the appearance ...

The Boogeyman 360 will not stop until he finishes your life

The boogeyman VR is one of the most terrifying legends ever created, despite being a tale based on folklore, its story has spread around the world, and now the fear, panic and the sharpest terror in your life will spread to every area of your body, in the following video, where the boogeyman has a ...

Don’t Breathe 360 experience: The definitive bet for the suspense

Don’t Breathe movie may well be considered a breath of fresh air within the world of suspense and psychological terror, with an approach that moves away from clichés, introducing a trio of delinquents, who enter the house of a blind man, hoping to steal a huge fortune, but are surprised by the biggest surprise of ...

Squeeze every last drop of potential from your VR movie player, be scared in every story of 360 terror and fear that unfolds in front of you, with the 3D fear movies you will never see the darkness again with such certainty and especially every strange and unusual sound it will stop producing you restlessness. We have all heard of a macabre story that chilled your bones as the plot progressed, all this will be amplified when you visualize this type of emotions through VR. Allowing you to reach the very edge of your sanity when you must face the most adverse circumstances and your life is seriously in danger, and even if it is a “simple simulation” the level of accuracy of a VR horror movie is an experience that has no point of comparison with any other emotion that you have experienced.

Watch horror 360 movies Online is a very easy to access entertainment thanks to our web portal specifically designed for a fluid and intuitive navigation, and where we have the best options for scary movies, and where you can not miss one of the great classics, the VR zombie movies, in which these beings whose only motive of existence is to eat human flesh, will not cease in their intentions that some to their unfriendly family.

In short, the 3D and VR horror movies, stands out as an alternative to traditional suspense films where attention is fixed on a single element on stage, only now you can concentrate your attention on many aspects at once in the same scene, all they are so potentially dangerous, that they could put an end to your life.

VR Horror movies
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