History lays the foundations of our present, and that is why historical events are attributed most of the responsibility on how humanity is today. The VR history documentaries explore all aspects of our evolution as humans, from the most positive events, such as advances in medicine, to the most controversial, such as the outbreak of a war.

The HD or 4K quality of VR productions are a prerequisite for your sensitive experience to be truly complete. Take a tour through this section of historical VR documentaries, and learn about the very core of the most transformative events that humanity has witnessed. Take the role of an intrepid soldier while facing enemy fire in major events of war, such as the First or Second World War or go back thousands of years, to the beginnings of the first civilizations, and discover how their important advances are still present today. The Egyptian civilization, Mayan, Aztec or the most legendary warriors like the Vikings or many others, have never been better than in VR. History is extensive and our collection of VR documentaries is equally so.

The Atomic Bomb VR documentary

The Atomic Bomb VR documentary

  During World War II there was a terrifying event that killed almost 500,000 people some of them immediately, some after, due to burning and radiation. This event was caused by an atomic bomb dropped by the United States on Japan, specifically on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This VR video will take you one ...

Camelot Kingdom 360 and VR video

Camelot Kingdom 360 and VR video

Travel to the United Kingdom and visit the majestic statue in honor of King Arthur now in virtual reality and its famous sword. On this VR video you will be in the exact place where this statue was built and all the beautiful landscape. It is a very relaxing 360° video where you can hear ...

Buckingham Palace Tour in VR

Buckingham Palace tour in a 360 way

The Buckingham Palace is one of the homes of Queen Elizabeth II, and also is where most of her special receptions and social reunion take place, and now you will be able to visit it no matter where you are through a 360° video tour, where you will see all the different rooms and what ...

The VR takes you to one of the seven wonders of the world

Seven wonders of the world in VR

Petra is a city located in Jordan, it is very ancient, it was founded at the end of VIII century B.C and it was consider a trading city because it was built on the spice trade route, which was its commercial activity for more than 400 hundred years. Nowadays it is consider one of the ...

Live every detail of the Pearl Harbor attack

The Pearl Harbor attack, produced on the shores of Hawaii by the Japanese imperial army, may well be considered one of the most emblematic events of World War II, especially as it motivated one of the events with the greatest impact on contemporary history, the nuclear bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. On that December 7, 1941, ...

Be the winner of the Roman Colosseum

Roman gladiators were a reference in terms of courage and fearlessness, fighting battles against the bloodiest animals or against the craziest warriors. The place where these events took place was the most favorite for the romans when it came to entertainment, from the aristocratic class to those of lesser category, the Roman Colosseum. The Colosseum gladiator ...

We only have material for you that fully complies with our high quality standards, that is why in addition to encountering a captivating image quality, you will also witness that all we exhibit are VR full documentaries and audio-video contents, so that your fun and feeling of knowledge in history, will be the most complete and immersive experience for your senses and emotions.

Take a step to a world where all your previous experiences were dwarfed, as the virtual reality documentaries stand out as the fastest growing entertainment medium today, with advances that add great enhancers to your experience. Live an experience that will leave you expectant for much more and at the same time expand your knowledge, like the VR history documentaries only do.

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