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All you need is love… and drama!

Live love at its best, in your life you will always be accompanied by some dose of drama and romance, but in currents days, where technology is what rules the cinema, has also given way to be part of the virtual reality applications, resulting in the VR drama and romance movies, a manifesto of passions that now reaches the level of 360 degrees of vision.

Regardless of the classic or recent movies, the film genre of love is always timeless, and explores with great success how a person can give all their emotions and feelings in another person who is “his or her better half”. Incorporating a VR film into a drama and romance movie only means that everyone who is in front of the screen experiences reactions that are so natural and realistic that they will believe that it is actually part of the plot. Through virtual reality movies, you can see your dreaming date come true, your wedding made in the same measure of your desires, or as courted by the person you’ve searched your entire life. If something is true is that the VR love movies are the kind of audiovisual productions that will find the direct path to your deepest emotions within you all thanks to the qualities of immersion, which is why it stands out greatly the VR.

Perceive your emotions strongly with this movies

Love can present ups and downs, moments worthy of a paradise and other moments where your resistance will be tested, but if you want to truly live a fairy tale, with characters that seem straight out of a magic story, the VR drama and romance films go to bring out the most beautiful feelings within you. If you are one of those who have not yet found their perfect complement in this world, we encourage you to watch a movie with Valentine’s Day as the stage, now with the VR movies you can live every second of passion in the most human way, all produced by the virtue of entering the scene, which could only be able to achieve VR.

VR full movies of drama and romance is a new way not only to have fun but to see love, exploring every little detail of all the sequences of the film, such as a paradisiacal landscape where a kiss or a wedding takes place. In short, love is the emotion that moves humans, but when we magnify it as virtual reality does, everything will result in a 3D experience that in addition to earning an important place in your mind, will also gain a valuable and precious place in a heart. Live the love, romance and drama movies in its fullest form, from the perspective of 360 degrees and 3D, give your memory a truly unforgettable memory.