Scary VR Videos

Virtual reality has enough power to submerge the audience in the events that take place in a video, but when we talk about scary videos this is taken to new dimensions, taking the main role of for example a father who is practicing a frenetic and bloody exorcist and perceive how the screams are stuck like pins in your ears, or explore an abandoned place where creatures thirsty for your blood will try everything to chase you and you must be attentive to every corner, they are experiences that in 360 becomes absolutely something unforgettable.

The important thing when we watch online creepy VR videos is that the immersion is an authentic sensation and that is achieved with a high image quality, either in HD or 4K but also with a sound quality that faithfully transmits the scene you are watching. Enjoy what it ts to survive the insatiable appetite for meat of classic assassins in the movies as the clown Pennywase of the well-known IT movie, or be the only survivor when a horde of bitter zombies of The Walking Dead see in you their perfect food.

Scary VR Videos

Slenderman: a VR experience of real terror

Slenderman figures without the slightest doubt among the best-known creepypastas, those horror stories that emerged on the internet and little by little broke through people’s conversation and interest topics, if you think you’re immune to all kinds of terror, try to watch this video where you will be hunted by this creature in a forest ...

Horror Nights 360 and how it’s the perfect concept of fear

Horror Nights is one of the most emblematic attractions of the Europa Park, an amusement park located in Rust, Germany as it stands out among all the world options, for being one of the best attractions if you are looking for experiences full of deep horror and intense tension. Europa Park Horror Nights are definitely something ...

Death Note and its brillant VR video

Death Note is a whole banner as far as Japanese animation is concerned, with a story far removed from unnecessary add-ons and really focused on the mature topic of choosing how justice should be applied and as it would be “Play to be God“, for it our protagonist Light Yagami, possessor of a Death Note ...

Zombies: are you going to be eaten by them?

Zombies have been icons of pop culture for decades, and we’ve seen them starring in series, movies, comics  and many more places, with The Walking Dead or Night of the Living Dead as great references, combining the best of the new and old school. But have you stopped for a moment to think about how ...

Horror and VR experience that you will not forget

Horror and VR is the ideal combination to feel in an environment where nothing is what it seems and your survival depends on making the right decisions, watch the video below and interact with the stage to keep you alive. Explore seemingly endless corridors as you desperately search for a way out, there is no trace ...

IT clown and how the terror becomes more immersive in VR

IT float movie was responsible for numerous nightmares at its premiere in the 1990’s, however now thanks to the infinite qualities of new technologies, we can enjoy in VR and 3D a simulation of the IT universe in it’s 2017 revival, and live once again a big part of it’s old glory. Feel the fear, the ...

Crimson Peak and its spooky adventure in VR

Crimson Peak’s universe holds a plethora of secrets, each more creepy and bizarre than the previous one, the leap to the big screen of this story by the renowned director Guillermo del Toro is a sure bet for fans of horror and suspense cinema. Warn the most sinister mansion ever thought of and fight for ...

The Walking Dead terrorific experience now in VR 360° and 3D!

As you’ve probably already seen it, in the show The Walking Dead, terrifying zombies and their appetite for human flesh are the most usual thing. The zombies are an old acquaintance to all those fanatics of terror and suspense, and The Walking Dead has set the standard for several years as far as television series ...

Your satisfaction is important and in our goal to achieve it, the videos you will find on this theme, suspense, horror, terror will be of varying duration to allow you to choose the one that best suits you, and you can easily access this section from our menu of categories.

Watching horror in VR is completely different in 2D, since the set of sensations it awakens in you, like being very attentive to every movement around you and not allowing a that a demonic creature or a wandering spirit to lead you to death, is really exciting. Remember to activate the HD and 4k quality images to expand the excellent of your experience, all these videos are oriented to enjoy them, either online or in the same way you have the perfect option to have your content always at hand, tothrough a quick process you can easily download the video of your preference and you can see it from your most favorite device, from the VR Box, Google Cardboard, Samsung VR, DayDream, Playstation VR or Microsoft Hololens.

The best VR horror experiences are those that transport you to the place of the events and that the sensation of immersion is such that you only want to continue advancing the video, taking into account all the sounds or events that develop. The VR experiences that you will enjoy in our Scary VR Videos app will soon become your most appreciated way of consuming this type of content. Take your VR headset and enjoy the most terrifying content, we have a collection designed exactly to make your experience a memorable one, do a tour for our collection of the best scary VR videos for VR Box or other headsets and feel the chills running through your body taking a tour by VR stories of terror that will really test your tolerance for suspense and tension.
Scary VR Videos
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