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Metallica in a 360 VR concert

Metallica in a 360 VR concert

VR has revolutionized the way to experience concerts from your favorite artists and bands, by taking you to the best concerts no matter in what part of the world they take place and on this opportunity we invite you to watch Metallica 360° video, which will make you feel closer to these incredible artists. As you use your 360° view you can see the drummer, guitarists and bass guitarist bringing the best of Metallica.

As you should now, this immersive VR production was made for the song “Sad but true” and it was shot in Stockholm, Sweden on May 7th, 2018, in front on millions of fans, which makes it even more exciting, because you can feel right in the middle of the action, sharing the stage with this wonderful band and feeling the energy all around you. Watch this VR video, one of the best Metallica tours.


Metallica: Sad But True (360° Video) (Stockholm, Sweden – May 7, 2018)

Duration: 6:02
Quality: 144p – 240p – 360p – 480p – 720p HD – 1080p Full HD – 1440p Ultra HD – 2160p 4K
Mode: 360 & 3D

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