House on Haunted Hill become more frightened in VR

House on Haunted Hill is a 1959 American horror film directed by William Castle, who without a shadow of a doubt has earned a place in cult films over the years. At the other extreme, we have a story with huge levels of fear and horror, which introduces the plot where an eccentric millionaire pays 5 people to spend an entire night in a mansion that is well known has been the scene of paranormal events, capable of place any person with a weak heart at the edge of insanity.

House on Haunted Hill cast, includes a representative of the classics of terror, Vincent Price as the main actor. If you are looking for a frenetic and disturbing adventure, go and see this exclusive material, now like a movie in VR.


360 Video – House on Haunted Hill – Full Movie in a 360 VR Cinema

Duration: 1:14:40
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Mode: 360 & 3D
House on Haunted Hill become more frightened in VR
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