Grizzly Bear in 360 and 3D: You’ll survive his attack?

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Grizzly Bears are creatures specifically created to kill and dominate the territory where they live, however have you ever wondered how would you defend yourself if a grizzly bear suddenly decides to join your camp? Well, even if it looks a little improbable, the next VR video recreates with great precision how intimidating and distressing this encounter would be, but with an outcome that is impossible to ignore. The grizzle bear diet is the common for omnivorous animals, but don’t test their appetite for your meat.

Recreate how it is to be just inches away from this beautiful animal species, and remember that this specimen is in danger of extinction, so it is important that we call on the public for the grizzly bear protection.

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Survive a Bear Attack in VR! ( 360 3D Video )

Duration: 1:30
Quality: 144p – 240p – 360p – 480p – 720p HD – 1080p Full HD – 1440p Ultra HD – 2160p 4K
Mode: 360 & 3D

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