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G.I Joe Retaliation in 3D

G.I Joe Retaliation in 3D

G.I Joe movies have been very iconic, they are based on a Hasbro Toy, a comic and an animated series, and many movies have been produced based on these characters. On this 3D movie of G.I Joe Retaliation or G.I Joe 2, we will see part of the story and where you will experience different cinematographic genres like, action, drama and science fiction. It is a very incredible 3D production.

The story summary tells that the G.I Joes were declared enemies by Zartan the president of the United States and this man has taken control of every leader of the world, which means that they have turned against the G.I Joes and with nowhere to go, they have to find a new alliance and once they find it, they will be unstoppable. Put your 3D device on and be part of G.I Joe Retaliation now.

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G.I.Joe Retaliation VR short movie 3D for all VR Headset

Duration: 17:15 Quality: 144p – 240p – 360p – 480p – 720p HD Mode: 360 & 3D

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