Watch VR videos in a big way

Every day there are hundreds of people who discover the virtues that come with VR, and after your introduction to the world of 360 degrees, there is no doubt that watching VR videos will be your favorite activity. On the way to better enjoy the VR experience, your great allies will be the 360 ​​degree content platforms, such as “YouTube VR” and the virtual reality headsets (Oculus Rift, Gear VR Samsung or HTC Vive, etc), with these, your imagination will explore sensations never before seen and only possible through VR videos 360.

How to play VR videos?

Watch quality VR videos on iPhone it’s no longer a problem

IPhone users are in luck, the range of options related to watching VR videos on IPhone is not only immense, but their number grows frequently in volume and quality. Examples of this are the virtual reality apps, which will allow you to enjoy the most exceptional 360-degree content anywhere you are.

Video in VR format are a completely different experience than any other. Although you will need to know which VR headsets are compatible with iPhones.

How to watch VR videos on iPhone?

Enjoy the best of VR from your Android

Watching VR videos on Android has all the elements to be your gateway to a new dimension of pure and complete fun. You’ll find 360 ​​degrees of immersion in videos, movies, short-films and even in the so-called VR experience, and to top it off the 360 degree videos are compatible with an extensive range of Android device and a large number of headset VR, like the Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View, VR Box Google Cardboard, among other options.

In addition to this, YouTube VR will be your ideal way to brighten your senses every time you visualize virtual reality videos, and you can even do it without a VR headset.

How to watch VR videos on Android?

Make YouTube your ideal stage for delight on VR videos.

You’ll find the best VR videos on the most universally known platform, YouTube. Accessing VR videos on YouTube is an authentically hassle-free process, just go to your website and use the search box to find the most select VR horror videos, VR travel videos, VR sport videos, and a huge amount of other options.

Enjoy a great VR video HD with our very useful tutorial “How to download VR videos from YouTube?”

How to watch VR videos on Youtube?

Explore the mesmerizing behind the scenes of the production of VR videos.

Multiple cameras with 360 degree viewing, mounted on rigs and with specialized software to make the composition of videos, are essentially the basic elements to make VR videos.

If you only thought it was amazing to watch 360 videos, now you will discover how the VR clips are elaborated, a truly dynamic process full of strong emotions, that will make you consider being a director, scriptwriter or any other of the many important positions within the world of filming, creation and dissemination of VR content.

How are VR videos made?

Blurry VR videos? See how you can fix this issue.

We know that there’s nothing that a fan of VR videos detests the most than the so-called blurry issue, this annoying visual effect that subtracts the quality of the final product. We are committed to maximize quality every time you see content in 360° VR, which is why in this post you will find the causes and solutions to counterattack this annoying problem.

Know the fundamental importance of the FOV (field of view) when it comes to viewing 360° virtual reality videos, and why this aspect is especially important, since it’s in charge of dividing in two images the content that you are seeing, and gives you the feeling of immersion. This composition of images is strongly dependent on the quality of the video, and hence the difference between 1080p and 4K, since the resolution you are seeing is divided into two squares, thus being half in each.

Why are VR videos blurry? Causes and solutions.