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How to play VR videos?

Do you want to get involved in a VR experience and do not know where to find it? Well, I have awesome news for you, the virtual reality and its enormous amount of material, which almost borders the infinite, has the quality that is extremely easy to access it. You can even do it, if you are not a VR headset owner, directly from your smartphone or PC.


You can find a high variety of VR videos or movies 360 easily on the web. Do not assume that is hard or annoying watch VR videos, no matter how many times you may have heard about it, you will never fully figure it out until you experience it personally.

How to play VR videos on PC?

Having the power to display immersive 3D images, today’s virtual reality headsets are an extraordinary companion for all the enthusiasts of this world, and especially for the avid ones of this technology. If your goal is to enjoy clips in VR, you will find options such as YouTube or the application store of your VR headset, such as Oculus Rift, Gear VR Samsung or HTC Vive. There, you will live exciting experiences which will make your heart beat faster because of the degree of realism and situations that VR experiences are capable to achieve.

How to watch VR videos on YouTube?

Our favorite platform to find a huge variety of content in 360 is YouTube, and just by following simple and quick steps like going to the website, write in the search box the topic of your interest, such as “VR car videos, VR horror videos” etc. You will be re-directed to a list of results, where you can select a range of options that multiply day by day, becoming an entertainment mode with infinite and exciting possibilities.

How to download VR videos from YouTube?

The virtual reality market is advancing at an impressive rate, with the imminent arrival of 6DoF (or also called six degrees of freedom) that will add a sensation of immersion so surprisingly realistic, that the gap between fiction and reality will reach its point lower. In the same way, new devices are launched, as in the case of Oculus Go, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and the Vive Focus, so that the need for VR content is only increasing.

How to watch VR videos is more simple than you think. If you have asked yourself how you can download videos from YouTube, below you will find the answer: By downloading the 4Kdownloader software -for mentioning one between lots of available software to download for free-, you will get the most useful tool when you want to enjoy productions in VR -in the quality and format you prefer-  wherever you are in the world too see when you don’t have an Internet or WiFi connection. It’s freemium, and you only need the URL of your favorite video, paste it in the correct box of the program, and the rest of the steps will be highly intuitive.

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