Artificial intelligence – VR point of view

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Artificial intelligence - VR point of view

A lot of people do not know what artificial intelligence is; nowadays A.I is destined to revolutionize the future, all technologic advances have had as a result A.I prototypes that can have memories and educational A.I programming to talk about different topics. This VR 360 video will show you an accidental awakening of an A.I prototype, during this awakening the artificial intelligence programming of this prototype starts to show different kind of images than seem to be memories of places, people and feelings, and as you watch the 360º content an inner voice talks as a conscience.

Part of these production in VR also seems to give the message that A.I development, although very advanced, can also be innocent because there are a lot of images about war, sex and other overwhelming things that upset this A.I prototype, which invite us to improve our world with positive actions.

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I M A.I. ( a 360 VR film)

Duration: 8:00
Quality: 144p – 240p – 360p – 480p – 720p HD – 1080p Full HD – 1440p Ultra HD – 2160p 4K
Mode: 360 & 3D

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