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How to watch VR videos on Android?

To watch VR videos on Android, first of all, you need a device with Android as operative system, in today’s technology market, there are almost countless companies that offer high, medium and even low range equipment, but that amply meet all the requirements that VR content can demand of a hardware, technological multinationals of the magnitude we would recommend Samsung, Sony, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi devices. The previous mentioned brands are just some examples, there are a big amount of interests behind materializing virtual reality so you can search the one that fits your necessities.


It is indisputable that the number of platforms where you can view VR videos -with variety and high quality- is limited, from the corresponding section in YouTube or going trough a simple search in Facebook or Vimeo, to the respective application stores of each manufacturer of the VR device are some options. Just go to any of these alternatives depending on your device, headset and preferences to discover a path of infinite fun.

VR videos will transform your concept of reality

It is not possible to doubt that augmented virtual reality has become a trend, and month after month it becomes more evident that Android users have a selection of headset at their disposal that is constantly growing in numbers and above all, in the quality they offer, whether it be upgrades of equipment already on the market, or with the launches of entirely new devices which are designed to fit perfectly with the demands of today’s technology.

Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View or the most economical and not least recommended option, the VR Box or Google Cardboard, are some of the options on the market that will undoubtedly earn an important place in your entertainment options, and you shouldn’t even be surprised if the VR is later positioned as your number one way of having fun.

You will be happy to know that the YouTube app comes with a dedicated cardboard button, with the ability to transform any video into VR form so that viewers can enjoy it via Google Cardboard. Equally, the graphic resolution is always an aspect of special importance, and you will know how the 8K is making its way more and more, significantly blurring the gap between reality and fiction. We encourage you to discover it!

How to watch VR videos without headset?

We know that a VR headset magnifies your experience when you enjoy a production made entirely in VR, however we also have positive and motivating news, you will be able to fully enjoy what the 360 degrees of immersion have to offer, even without a headset.

Just have a smartphone, and access the page or store of your choice that provides this type of content, our most recommended option -that you can also enjoy on our website- is YouTube!, your ideal Android destination for VR videos. Just click on that video that looks so bold, scary or relaxing and watch it in all its magnificence from your mobile screen. Even the feeling of realism will also mark the very high level when you notice that you can rotate your device, and the camera will move to the point that you prefer.

360-degree videos are not in the future, enjoy them in the present, RIGHT NOW.

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