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The 5 best Google Play Store VR players for Android


VR technology has grown throughout time and it is amazing to know that, nowadays you can have the chance to enjoy this in your phone. In this article we will bring to you the best Google play store VR players for Android, Let’s start:

AAA VR Cardboard 3D SBS

This Google Play Store VR player has been the best of all so far, because it has a lot of great qualities: It is compatible with 180° and 360° video playbacks, as well as, with most of video and audio formats; it counts with screen controls to pause, forward, and select the VR movie or video by just fixing the eye on them, which means that you will not have the need to take out the device out of the case, it also has excellent quality, the users are able to select the screen size, it will not overheat your phone and the user can watch VR videos without needing Gyro sensor.

VaR’s VR Video Player

One of the best qualities of this VR player is that you can download it totally free and use it widely without any restrictions. By using AAA VR Cardboard 3D SBS you will be able to play any video you have saved in your phone’s gallery or file manager and you will get a great home theater in your house or any place, with the best seats ever. For all these reasons these VR Player is highly recommended. Get the best VR experience you can have.

VaR’s VR Video Player

Another recommendable VR player for you is VaR’s Video Player; it also supports all modes like: stereoscopic side by side, stacked, 180° or 360°, panorama 180° and regular videos, as well as, all formats including HD MP4 videos. This VR player will give you a great VR experience because it lets you control color and quality of the videos, It also adjust the video according to the virtual reality type and plays easily videos saved in your phone. Unlike the AAA VR Cardboard 3D SBS, the VaR’s has touched sensitive controls; therefore, you need to take the device out of the case to manipulate them. By Using VaR’s VR player, you can have access to any network (http or LAN), which means, that you can open any file from your favorite browser and watch it.

VR Player PRO

Thus you can download the VaR’s VR player for free and use all its elements without any limitations, the only problem it has is, the interfering advertising throughout the playback, this VR player will also let you watch incredible 360° videos. If you want to optimize your VR experience and feel really immersed, use a Google cardboard headset or any compatible VR headset in the market.

VR Player Pro

The next VR player we bring to you is the VR Player Pro, which has two types of downloads, one is free and limited and other is a full version costing just 2,04 USD, either way, it has a large compatibility with most formats: like 360° VR content, mono, side/side, over/under. Through this VR Player you can enjoy 2D and 3D photos and videos, using very few steps with a huge amount of adjustments to reproduce and adapt your VR headset according to the video´s appearance or to modify its field of vision.

VU 360 - VR 360 Video Player

Regarding the controllers, The VR Player Pro offers the user some options, you can control it using the buttons on the screen, and another way is by bluetooth or through activated voice commands, which allows you to have free movement while watching any VR content. The VR Player Pro has a lot of geometries projections some of them are: plane (for normal movies), Cylinder (panoramic videos and photos), Cube (for cube maps for video games). Among other functions the VR Player Pro can take pictures and videos, record audios, access Bluetooth settings, subtitle support, ambient lighting effects, it can also read local files or from a web site.

VU 360 – VR 360 Video Player

If you want to have an amazing immersive VR experience, the VU 360- VR 360 Video player is perfect for you. It is a great VR player, you can download it totally free and it does not have any type of advertising disrupting your VR content and it can be controlled with your eyes, which means that you do not need to take out your goggle while using it, just by looking down the menu will display and it even has a time line which allows you to go to an specific moment in the movie. This is a VR cardboard app, therefore, the only compatible VR goggles are the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets.

Samsung Gear VR Player

The VU 360 – Vr 360 Video player is compatible with any 360° VR video and it has 3D video support, it has quality settings to vary the playback format or the video quality, furthermore, it can modify the user’s environment, in other words, the user can find himself inside the movie or sitting down in a theater as an spectator.

In reference to the updates, this VR player has a new feature called “YouTube 360”, that allows the user enjoy VR videos from the YouTube 360° Channel.

Samsung Gear VR Player

All the previous apps are compatible for Goggle Cardboard, but not for Gear VR, thus, if you are using Oculus, you will not need to download any app, because this VR device already has inside its software a VR player that works very well, but if you are using Gear VR headsets, the best app is the Samsung Gear VR Player, which is able to reproduce streaming videos that can also be download if you wish, to upload 360° or VR videos and play videos from local files. It is worth stressing, that you must have a Samsung VR account for local files to work.

There are a lot of VR content options inside this great app, about different themes like:

  • Sports: where you can enjoy videos about famous athletes and 360° matches.
  • Cars: experience what it feels like to drive the car of your dream.
  • Nature: Live your own adventure with a great immersive VR experience among wild animals moving in their natural habitat.
  • Travel: Plan your next runaway, visiting different places before you go and make the right decision for an unforgettable experience.

If you have a Samsung Android and you want to have a optimal VR moment do not hesitate to use the Samsung Gear VR Player.

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